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stepped in and delivered them safely to the border. president obama has cut short his trip so he could leave earlier than scheduled. it included stops in brazil, el salvador, meant to improve relations with south america. >> owners of the crippled power plant said gray smoke is coming from the unit. there are reports that japan's tap water is unsap for infants. the levels are so small they don't pose any risk. meanwhile, the northern part of that country was hit by another
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aftershock, the 6.0 quake didn't cause any damage. the original death toll has reached 9300. >> sailors on the uss george washington have left the facility south of tokyo. the ship and crew are ready to maintain long term readiness. there are reports that the u.s. is considering evacuation due to high radiation levels. they were given i. dine pills. we are dealing with showers, most passing to the north of the metro area, continuing to drift off to the east. really, no heavy rain will be
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causing any travel problems. and it is a chilly start. in the 40s throughout most of the region. and the temperatures are milder in the mountains. in the 50s. many locations, west virginia, and kentucky, southern indiana, it is in the 60s this morning. some of that mild air will try to makes it way, as an area of low pressure will be approaching, improving our chances for storms, there is snow in northern pennsylvania and new york city, toward upstate new york, and the midwest. and that system will give us rain from time to time this morning through late morning, drizzle now and then. through mid day. late this afternoon, we could get strong storms. it looks like things will set more unstable. strong thunderstorms into the evening. how is traffic? >> could be a tough one.
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we have to be prepared. dry pavement south of town. so far. anyway. all the way to the beltway, all the travel lanes are open. it will be a wet drive, you can see the road spray down to the beltway on the wet pavement. inner loop and outer loop, tyson's corner. new from overnight, a poll says that most d.c. residents don't approve of the job mayor gray is doing. his proposal rating is just 31%. 41% actually disapprove. 49% don't have an opinion. the main issues they faulted him for, his ethics and inable to
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appoint the right people. kwame brown received a 27% approval rating. he came under fire for two suvs costing taxpayers $2700 a month. >> a d.c. principal is being investigated for allegedly changing grades on student transcripts. there are reports that he instructed school clerks to make the changes. it centers on 13 students who got credit for classes they never took in 2009. in 2009, it had nearly a 97% graduation rate. police are trying to figure out if two unsolved murdered are
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connected. the deadly shootings occurred in montgomery county within days of each other. jackie benson reports. >> reporter: as extra police officers patrol the streets, people in olney are on edge. a man's death was ruled a homicide had after the medical examiner determined he had been shot. he worshipped at the muslim center in silver springs. he was last seen a live there wednesday, march 16th. two days later, a concerned mosque-going went to his home and found him. less than two miles away, detectives had to wonder. was the shooting of a 41-year-old immigrant related? police are comparing bullets from the two scenes. >> the detectives are trying to
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determine if there was a relationship between the two individuals, who on the surface would appear to not have a relationship. >> he was shot in broad daylight as he walked home along north high street, after working at his job at subway. they lived with his uncle, who heard the gunshots, while working in his yard. >> he was a nice guy. that is what is sad. >> the suspected east coast rapist may have terrorized women earlier than first thought. six years before investigators believed he committed his first crime. he was arrested after dna connected him to crimes in
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virginia, maryland and connecticut. he entered a not guilty plea in connecticut. >> 33 year-old emily hershenson has been found. family and friends posted pictures to find her. she is safe at home. details of her disappearance are not yet known. >> the body of a marine killed in afghanistan will be returned to the united states today. the staff sergeant was killed by an i dmpt ed over the weekend. he served in iraq for four tours, fighting for his country was more than a job, but a calling. >> he said that if he was to die, he would want to die in combat. he did. we will miss him very much. >> the sergeant leaves behind a
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wife and two young children, he was 25 years old. 4:37, new information about a tour boat accident in argen tin aone of those killed, a local man. >> why local airlines are teaming up. what it means for flyers. >> more spring blue diamond almonds!
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46 degrees. >> a few sprinkles in washington. we do have showers passing north to east. one from montgomery county toho ward county, and to the north, charles county, rather carroll county, the highlands of west virginia as well. it is a chilly morning. in the low to mid 40s for most of the region. 46 at reagan nanchlt we have the cloudy sky, a bit of light fog in the air. and temperatures still in the upper 40s, near 50, and sprinkles a bit of drizzle, noon
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time as well. we have a possibility of thunderstorms developing mid to late afternoon. we could have severe storms, with damaging winds and hail. we may make it up to 60 could be producing hail and winds up to 11:00 or so. after that the skies should clear out. partly cloudy, into the upper 40s. a look at next week coming up. how is your traffic? >> watch out for the rain showers. it appears that pavement is dry, headed to tyson corner, a lot of overnight road work should be out of the roadway. 66 through tysons. once you get to the american legion, you should be good to
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go. right now, all travel lanes are open. won't be long though. and update you on the gw parkway, off the runway at national airport, everything is moving along nicely so far. >> time now, 4:43, still to come, the cause of the collapse. what metro said lead to a dangerous escalator malfunction. >> travel sites, costing the district millions. >>
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wal-mart may soon be coming to tyson's corner. the retail giant is in talks to build a 79,000 square foot store in the area, it would finish in 2013, when the metro station is scheduled to open. the store would be smaller than
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most super centers, and focus on fresh food and groceries, between leesburg pike and arbgrove. d.c. mayor gray and attorney grayson said the travel sites -- detectives return to the scene and took more potential evidence. through a window you can see the floor marked with tape as
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investigators mapped out the crime. police suspect that britney norwood stab and beat jayna murray to death using tools found in the store. according to court documents, she accused norwood of steals from the store. we have learned one of two americans killed in a boating accident in argentina is from our area. they died when the inflatible raft they were in flipped over and hit rocks. philip musgrove was deputy editor of "world affairs journal." he taught at george washington university. >> a main killed in a chain reaction crash in fair faux. william pits died after a bus
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slam slammed into his car and crushed him. he lived with his wife and three children up the road. he served in iraq and afghanistan. the bus driver has been removed, pending the outcome of the investigation. metro said it now knows what caused an escalator, causing the steps to it break apart. a woman tried to step on to the escalator and fell through it. she was able to pull herself up. nobody was hurt. a safety panel that oversees metro said several rail yard accidents were call caused by unsafe driving practices. an orphsight committee said that six accidents were caused by
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lacks adherence to rules. most of the crashes involved trains hitting other trains. they begin railroad inspections this week. >> no ovechkin, no problem. this is wideman's first as a cap. it didn't last long, the flyers came back to score four unanswered goals, accepteding the game into overtime. and a shootout. it was the other alex that came up big. went to the backhand, to net this shootout winner. caps won 11 out of last 12. ovechkin is expected to be out the rest of the week. it is decision day for actress lindsay lohan, a judge set today as the deadline for
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either accepting a plea deal or going to trial. she initially rejeblthed a plea deal that would have sent her to jail. if she sticks with that decision, she will meet for a preliminary hearing next month. >> during an interview with "good morning america" he became upset about being asked for his ex-girlfriendriana. he broke a glass with his chair. his new album is for his fans, only and he is tired of everyone else. >> we are looking at rain today? >> could get storms later this
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afternoon. a wide variety of weather. march is a tempermental month. producing snow in pennsylvania and upper midwest, that system is producing rain in chicago, heading off to the east as well. there is rain closer to us. we had this advancing west to east overnight. the areas of light rain continuing to unload light amounts across western maryland of the we see patches of blue getting rain there. northern montgomery county, and western howard, moving to anne arundel county. and sprinkles around washington and the nearby suburbs, temperatures are chilly, mid 40s now. prince george's county, arlington, fairfax. at the district of columbia, 45. and to the west, weather
4:52 am
watchers, in the mid 40s, shenandoah valley, western maryland, near 40. a chilly start. central west virginia, in the mid 50s, and south and west of there, temperatures are in the 60s, this morning. over the last 12 hours, an area of low pressure developing over the great lakes. that will be coming our way, perhaps giving us severe storms later this afternoon. the live view from the city. sunrise, 7:07. by noorngs sprinkles. low clouds, and in the mid 50s by noon, and maybe near 60 by mid afternoon. we could get strong thunderstorms coming through. things are looking more unstable than yesterday. highing after it reaches near 60, temperatures dropping back into the 50s, some of the thunderstorms coming through
4:53 am
from about, 4:00 to 11:00 tonight, we could have some of those storms producing damaging winds and hail. after that partly cloudy by dawn tomorrow, during the day on thfrmtds partly sunny, blustery winds, maybe a morning sprinkle. and saturday rain, a chance of snow flakes mixing n remaining chilly, and passing showers. how is traffic? >> good morning everyone. good new, the overnight road work along interstate 66, as you approach the beltway, all wrapped up. everything pushed to the shoulder. keep you updated. definitely not dry. very, very wet. top side of the beltway, inner loop, toward the american legion bridge, dealing with the wet
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pavement. head's up for that drive accordingly. and doing fine. 395, to and across the 14th street bridge. thank you very much. jet blue passengers will be able to fly on virgin atlantic with one ticket. the two airlines formed a partnership. connecting through boston, they can catch flights to london, manchester and scotland will be available through orlando. jet blue has similar relationships with emirate airlines and american airlines. >> the number of people living in detroit dropped 25% over ten years. the city will likely lose state money and representation in congress.
4:55 am
the mayor will challenge that. one black person moved out of detroit every 22 minutes, the suburban flight. >> coming up, your chance to lend your voice to a famous duck. >> why some boy could you tells had to be rescued from their camping trip.
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sgr good morning, welcome back, 4:57. if you use a cell phone in washington, you probably know that service is bad. it is rated as the worst. 18 of every 100 calls has a problem. they say that cell phone call overall dropped over the past six months. more people are using smart phones, that may factor into the service problems. >> today, dozens of former chip on thee workers, recently fired 40 employees from local restaurants, they claim they were not authorized to work in the country. they have been the focus of.
4:59 am
allegations of mistreat of some of the fired employees. they are demanding chip on thee to investigate the matter. >> if you can sound like a duck, you may be in luck. aflack is looking for a new voice for the spokesduck. they fired gilbert godfreed after he tweeted inproper comments about the tsunami. upload an audio or video file. submissions must be in by april 1st. >> april fools. >> give if a try. >> aflack. >> that was pretty good. i

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